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Bespoke Desktops & Gaming Systems

We build new computers completely from scratch using high quality components from reputable suppliers. Any new systems ordered from us comes fully assembled to the highest of standards.

New Machines
If you are looking for a new desktop or laptop we will always ask what exactly you'll be using it for, so we can tailor your system to you. This means you won't buy a system far too powerful for your needs, and even more importantly a system which does not live up to expectations.

Every machine is built and checked in our workshop to ensure it performs as best as it can. All systems can be built using various components on customers requests and we are able to source most parts for you.


MonitorGaming PC

Heatsink Dust  Dust

Did you know?
All of our computers come with a minimum of 4GB memory. We usually install 8GB to ensure your computer stays as fast as possible so you'll never be frustrated by egg timers or loading screens!

Top Tip

Gaming PC

Gaming Computers - look and be the best!
Gaming computers are systems using the fastest (and best looking) components. From watercooling to LED lighting our gaming systems not only perform the best, but look pretty awesome too!

We use a wide range of components from MSI, Intel, Corsair, Kingston, Avexir and many more.

From the ground up
All our gaming systems are built from the ground up by selecting only the best hardware to ensure those games perform as fluidly as possible.

We match our hardware vendors together to create a machine that chews through games with ease, which makes for a more satisfying and exciting gaming experience.

Look the part while flying, racing and fighting your way to the top!
Our gaming machines are very much like an art form, closly matching the colours of the hardware to the case, taking in to account your favourite colours and styles, creating a masterpeice that you will be proud to put on display!


Water Cooled Gaming PC

Did you know?
Gaming computers are now possible to be watercooled, which means that a radiator and pump system is installed, bringing down the temperature and ensuring your hardware lasts longer and performs better. You can even install LED lighting to bring your system to life and suit your personality.


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Peripherals that mean business!

From RGB mechanical keyboards to high-end gaming mice, top quality monitors to chroma mousepads we offer a range of gaming accessories that you will be proud to own and put on display!

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Gaming Mouse

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