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Computer Training & Tuition

We believe that using your computer should be an enjoyable experience not a frustrating one. Even we know how annoying computers can be - we've wanted to lob a hard drive or two out the window a few times!
Sometimes though it can just be a lack of knowing exactly what that button does, or why your computer just tried to send an email to the National Cats Association when in fact all you're trying to do is print a letter!

Patient and Knowledgeable
People learn things at different paces, so we will move along only when you're ready.

We're very patient & have always been complimented on how we provide our training.

See our training topics listed on this page.

We're patient, understanding and only move along with the training when you're ready. You're welcome to write anything down and we always make sure that you're happy with everything already covered as we go along.

Training is always carried our at your home address to ensure you are as comfortable as possible so that you are happy and confident.

Don't be left behind with the world of computers, let us bring you up to speed so you can be the tech-head!

Topics we can cover:

• The Basics: Using your computer
Searching the web & interacting with websites
• Staying safe & protecting yourself online
• Typing a letter and sending emails
• Advanced computing
Tailored topics to suit you plus loads more!


We will always make an extra effort to explain any computer jargon in an easy and understandable way so that you remember and gain a better understanding of all the technical terms and phrases.

Just like our jargon-free tree!

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